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About Me

As I learn to love myself more, I am able to love others more. 


As a young woman I absorbed the belief I had heard repeatedly about “the harsh realities of life.”  Since I began doing The Work, I’ve been steadily unwinding the thoughts that support that belief. Confusion is replaced with clarity and kindness as The Work grounds me with a trustworthy tool to consistently identify and question stressful thoughts. And I notice when I facilitate clients, there are no new stressful thoughts. 


I was naturally happy and carefree as a child, yet the early 70s were turbulent years as I sometimes sought truth through a fog of drugs. Then I lived for twenty years in a spiritual community which supported me with some healthy boundaries until, with my husband and children, we were ready to be on our own.

My world bottomed out in 2008 when my then sixteen-year-old daughter was diagnosed with depression while away at boarding school. I was terrified and felt deep guilt, shame and helplessness. I did the best I could and then The Work came to me early in 2009 through the book A Thousand Names for Joy which led me to one of Katie's seminars. As I learned to inquire, I began to live more fearlessly and trust that I could consistently find the answers I needed through inquiry. My life began to change rather miraculously because I got out of other people’s business and concentrated on finding out what my business is (a basic premise of The Work). All my relationships improved, most notably the one with my precious daughter--I got very clear that all I really care about is having the privilege to love her. Period. I am continuously discovering a new way to live, and that old pervasive fear and confusion is being steadily replaced with love and compassion for myself and others.  I am learning a way to live without believing the mind's judgments--trusting that even though I can’t always feel it, there is an underlying existence that is pure kindness.

“There is a field out there beyond right-doing and wrong-doing. I will meet you there.”  Rumi

That field is love, and The Work has given me more courage to trust that my true nature is love and so is everyone else’s! As I learn to love myself more, I am able to love others more. And that doesn't mean that I condone unkind behavior--I just know that's not who we really are.

Some major areas of life that I have worked on include anger, impatience, creativity, spirituality, relationships, family, aging, and addictions including alcohol, food, pleasure and pain. I experience The Work of Byron Katie to be the creation of a field of unconditional love in which transformation can occur.

I would love to do The Work with you if you feel drawn to me. The Work is my passion and I would be honored to support you in identifying your stressful thoughts and beliefs (recurring thoughts) to take to inquiry, guiding you through four questions and turnarounds, while holding the space for your answers to arise from within you. The Work can be intense and cathartic (as well as joyful and liberating!) and I simply hold you in your process and bring you back when you stray.

I have come to see that reality is kind—it is the substratum of this dream of life. And I notice that what were once challenging situations become opportunities for awareness. What were once problems become signposts to show me where my Work is.

I honor your courage in taking the inner journey through the labyrinth of the unquestioned mind to discover existence beyond identification with thought. As Katie puts it:  A questioned mind drops into its sweet home in the heart”.  

Welcome to The Work!


"If you want to see the love of your life, look in the mirror."   Byron Katie

Anne Haug  406.223.1796