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"Reality is always kinder than the stories we tell about it.​"

  Byron Katie



Anne Haug
Anne Haug

What stories run through your mind?

My partner doesn't really love me.

There's something wrong with me.

My children don't appreciate me.  

Money will make me happy.

The world is a dangerous place.     

My body should be healthy.



Question your stressful thoughts through the four questions and turnarounds of The Work, and discover life on the other side of inquiry where you can experience peace and gratitude.

As you learn to identify and question your stressful thoughts and allow the answers to arise, you embark on a journey into the vast spaciousness of being. It is my privilege to hold you in your inquiry as you unravel for yourself the painful stories you have believed and that are the cause of your suffering.

You are the one who has the answers for your life and The Work provides a portal through which you can access your own wisdom and become truly empowered to live a life of joy, creativity and kindness.



“I turned to Anne for help when I was going through a very tough time emotionally and was starting to feel hopeless about ever feeling better again. The Work gave me the tools I needed to challenge my thinking, and Anne’s patience and compassion helped me get the most out of what The Work could do for me. I appreciated that it wasn’t just about talking about my problems, but actually tackling them in a way that was sometimes difficult but ultimately very freeing.”     m. f.
"What a gift it was for me to be at your workshop. Your care and deep desire to contribute to people's well being and peace so filled that room. I really felt this when you worked with each of us who wanted to try the process with you, and how you carefully and skillfully held time and content in such balance that allowed everyone to see and experience its value both from the end of receiving and as a witness."   e. m. 
"Thank you for sharing your gifts. The workshop changed my world for the better."       l. c.
"The night of your presentation helped to transform my life. I have been using The Work to move through the emotional pain of a past relationship, my father’s dying, a good friend’s illness and various other situations. Good stuff! Thank you for being present that night."     l. k.
"I have been Anne’s client in facilitating The Work of Byron Katie. I support and enjoy her well-rooted authority, kindness, intelligence, patience and creativity and unhesitatingly recommend her workshops, presentations and one- on-one sessions."     j. j.



"I don't let go of concepts--I question them. Then they let go of me."  Byron Katie



Anne Haug    406.223.1796