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Loving What Is: Four questions that can change your life

This is the book to read for an in-depth awareness of how The Work works. Katie calls it the textbook for her nine-day School for The Work. (Go to The Work website for information on The School and much more.) Katie debunks the popular myth that we can let go of a painful thought, but rather that through doing The Work, the thought lets go of us, and we really can then love what is. This is absolutely my experience.


A Thousand Names for Joy

This was the first Katie book that I read and I couldn’t put it down. It reveals the awakened, loving and peaceful mind in action. It is a commentary on the Tao Te Ching as interpreted by Katie’s husband, Stephen Mitchell, who read excerpts of his book to Katie who then spoke to what he had just read.  I experienced incredible joy and relief from reading this book!

1000 Names for Joy


I often recommend this book to clients because it is divided into five chapters, each with a specific focus: I  On Love, Sex, and Relationships, II On Health, Sickness, and Death,  III On Parents and Children,  IV On Work and Money, and V On Self-Realization. Just reading Katie’s quotes on these subjects can initiate a shift in awareness.

  I Need Your Love—Is That True? How to Stop Seeking Love, Approval, and Appreciation and Start Finding Them Instead

There are several keys in The Work that have helped me profoundly, and the subject of this book is one of them. Whenever we seek for love, approval and appreciation outside ourselves we suffer. Period. I have come to find that when my actions arise from doing what feels true and natural for me--rather than from my previous pattern of subconsciously wanting something in return--it is joyful. And I notice that the love I used to seek from another is more fully expressed, yet I'm not dependent on it. It's just such a clean and clear way to live. The only motive for doing anything is love--our true nature.

Who Would You Be Without Your Story? Dialogues with Byron Katie

Katie models The Work through this collection of 15 dialogues. “In every case, we see how Katie’s acute mind and fierce kindness helped each person dismantle for him- or herself what was felt to be unshakable reality. "We come to see that there are no new stories under the sun and that everyone’s Work is our Work. Compassion arises from this awareness of the universality of the human condition.

I find Eckhart Tolle’s message to be an ideal complement to The Work of Byron Katie. Tolle paints a picture of reality with broad brush strokes to reveal the enlightened mind, whereas Katie provides the “how to” tools to unwind every stressful thought and belief that prevent us from living in that state of grace.

The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment

Tolle says “The single most vital step on your journey toward enlightenment is this: learn to disidentify from your mind.” He inspires us to live life “in the now” with practical suggestions.

A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose

Tolle distinguishes between our primary purpose of being and our secondary purpose of doing and the importance of their alignment. He identifies how to recognize an active ego (whether through complaining, resentment, reactivity and comparing--to name a few) and describes a life that transcends the ego-based dysfunctional consciousness while guiding us toward personal happiness and fulfillment.

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