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Creative Expression

"In your light I learn how to love. In your beauty, how to make poems.

You dance inside my chest where no one sees you, but sometimes I do,

and that sight becomes this art."

Giving workshops and presentations, facilitating clients, painting and writing prose and poetry, gardening and cooking—are all creative expressions that I love.

Nature brings me back to the world before thought. Living in the heart of Paradise Valley in Montana is a constant reminder of the grandeur and healing power of the natural world. Gardening is one of my favorite ways of communing with nature as I love to get my hands in the dirt and experience awareness arising from my unconscious mind--a process Carl Jung spoke to. This co-creative communion with nature grounds me and brings me peace.

My First Event with Katie

A major shift occurred for me during my first event with Katie (Nobody seminar May ’09) when she said that heaven is nowhere but right here on earth. She was referring to the reality that it is our consciousness/mind which experiences “heaven” or “hell”. And even though I had understood this idea intellectually, I saw that I was still longing to get out of “here” and go to a “heaven” world.

It became crystal clear in a flash that it is within me to change my experience of life on earth. The Work helps me see that as I clear the lens of perception (my mind), I do come to see that reality is kind--there are no mistakes and that"everything happens for you, not to you” as Katie often says. This world that my mind has projected is a mirror to show me where my Work is.

My lengthy marriage has been an amazing gift as my husband is very kind and supportive. And I love that Katie says our gurus are those we live with—they show us everything we don’t want to see about ourselves! Oh how true that is!

I was inspired to do the painting entitled "Heaven on Earth" from an old wedding photo right after the Nobody seminar as a reminder to myself that heaven is nowhere but right here and now in my ordinary life. As I continue to do The Work I see more clearly how the entire manifest world is all for me to find my freedom

I have had sporadic experiences of transcendence throughout my life, but have been at a loss as to how to sustain that state of grace. The Work provides me with a consistent tool to peel away stressful thoughts and live in more clarity.

Paintings and Poetry

Below are a few more paintings and poems that are a part of my creative expression:

A New Day

The sun rises; earth rejoices.

A new day dawns for loving choices.


 Heaven on Earth

  Dissolving the Boundary

Crystalline evergreen forest surround me.
Breathing deep pine fragrance,
Dissolving the boundary.
Kaleidoscope emerald-green tree pattern turning.
And I am one with the sun, the trees and this yearning.

Surrendering to Grace,
Swan glides along,
Image of grace.
Surrender to the flow
And enter sacred space.

  Heart Chant

From deep in my heart
Came the sound of the Aum
Calling to me,
Remember your Home.

  Eagle Medicine

Living in Spirit and connected to Earth,
Feeling real power
And knowing one's worth.
Daily transcending fear of the unknown,
Realizing freedom and joy
We are never alone.

Divine Annihilation

I feel like an unrequited lover
Dying for love
This separation is killing me.
Will anyone dance with me?
I am too serious on my way to annihilation.

"This whole creation is the result of imagination, the outcome of the mind.

It is the mind which binds you and it is the mind which is also the means of your freedom."
  Meher Baba

Anne Haug    406.223.1796